Ruth Linn

I originate home mortgages; purchases or refinances, renovation or investment, for people from all walks of life and in several states (MN, IN, GA, KY, TN, FL, VA). The reward for me and my clients is an affordable, easy-to-understand loan and a set of keys in my borrowers’ hands, or perhaps a tuition check for their son or daughter, or a new monthly budget with several hundred dollars added to their savings.

But there is more than just me and the borrower. Getting a mortgage to closing has been compared, by a friend, to rocket science. I guess it can be: All those people (in the TV shot of the command center) focused on the same rocket in the same sky, worried about the safety of the mission, the speed, the cost, the weather, the out-come? If we envision those people as the borrower, their family, their realtor, their seller, our lenders and their staff, me, our processors, the lender overlays, the state regulations, federal guidelines, well yes, I guess closing a loan is rocket science. And that’s ok. A closing is a mission accomplished! Call me and we will work together!

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